Whilst for some people, working out can be an opportunity to work toward a fitness or health goal, other people simply work out for the social aspect or even to pass time throughout their days to lead a healthier lifestyle. Here are 5 tips on getting the most out of your workouts according to the founder of Flow Athletic Ben Lucas.

1. Leave your phone at home

If you are someone that is distracted easily, especially by social media leaving your phone during your next workout might just be the secret to your workout success. Not only will you focus on exactly what needs to be done however this can also give you a sense of separation from your busyness, allowing you to enjoy some time to yourself working on your health.

2. Ask for advice

If you work out alone primarily using gym equipment it might benefit you to ask for advice, assistance or recommendations from a personal trainer. Whilst personal training is its own form of workout, generally, trainers at the gym will be able to assist you with different types of exercises they may think will benefit your workout best.

3. Try a class

Trying a new type of workout, maybe one you have never attempted before could be another great way to get the most out of your workout. Mixing up your workouts by attending some classes can target different muscle areas on your body allowing for some more variety in your workouts.

4. Stretching

Stretching is often overlooked however if you allow yourself 5-10 minutes both before and after your workout it can really determine how you feel post-workout and how you feel during your workout. Allowing this time to engage your muscles or stretch out any cramps can really make a difference!

5. Bring a friend

If you are the type of person that feeds off other people’s energies then working out with a buddy might just be the thing you need! Working out with a friend or partner can sometimes create a social, fun aspect to a gym workout which can really bring on a sense of determination and goal-reaching.