Energy is one of those things that some people either have too much of, or not enough of! As a business owner I am constantly between meetings and running around for my work which means I need all the energy I can get. For me, I like to look for ways I can boost my energy in a super convenient way, here are 5 ways that might help you.

1 – The number one way to boost my energy is exercise, anytime I feel tired or low in energy I try to do even 15 mins higher intensity workout like Rise Nation and it boost my energy straight away.

2 – Grabbing a green juice or healthy smoothie packed with nutrients.

3 – Meeting a close friend with higher energy always helps as energy is contagious.

4 – Taking time to do breathing exercises with calming music to slow down to realise why is my energy low and change things around to make sure it’s not happening again. This as well as an early bedtime where possible to ensure I can have a long sleep.

5 – Convenient vitamins such as JUSI – with AM and PM sachets, my vitamin boxes are designed for all your wellness and inner-beauty needs. The convenient bag sized packets are formulated for your AM needs (immunity, enhance, skin, nails, revive and energy) and PM needs (gut health, stress, sleep, detox and purify).

Silvia Kramska – Founder of JUSI Vitamins