Creating a kid-friendly home can both look nice and doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to help you design a space that you want to be in, while still making it functional.

Choose Durable Fabrics: Opt for durable and stain-resistant fabrics for upholstery and cushions. Fabrics like microfiber or outdoor fabrics are easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear caused by kids.

Alternatively, if would prefer to have a lighter-coloured sofa, get one with removable cushion colours so you can wash it when needed. Faux leather is also a great option to create a rustic look that won’t absorb any spills

Use Slipcovers or blankets: If you already have furniture that you want to keep nice, consider using slipcovers or throwing blankets on the sofa in the area that your child usually uses. They are cost-effective and can be easily removed and cleaned in case of spills or accidents.

Colourful and Washable Rugs: Choose rugs with bright and fun colours and patterns. Better still, look for rugs that are easy to clean, so you can quickly address spills and messes.

Functional Storage: Incorporate storage solutions such as a buffet on which your tv unit can also stand, baskets, shelves, and toy bins to keep clutter at bay.

Flexible Furniture Arrangement: Arrange your furniture in a way that allows for open space and easy movement. This gives kids room to play with while preventing a cramped feeling.

Incorporate Nature: Bring the outdoors in by adding indoor plants. They can add a touch of colour and freshness to the space. Choose non-toxic plants that are safe for children and pets.

Chalkboard or Whiteboard Wall: Paint a section of a wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint. This provides a creative outlet for kids and reduces the need for additional art supplies.

Safety First: Remember to prioritize safety by securing heavy furniture to the wall, using cord organizers for blinds or curtains, and choosing childproof decor and accessories. Also opt for smooth edges where you can, such as a. round table over a rectangle, or rounded edges on drawers rather than sharp edges.

Article by Casey McPhail, Director at McPhalis Furniture


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