It’s both easy and hard…and when it gets into the too hard basket, it gets, well, harder! Fitting in fitness when you have kids can be challenging, but it’s essential the way I see it.

It is something you deserve to carve time out for, something that has so many physical and mental benefits and isn’t something you do when you have time. You really do have to make the time!

As a mother of 3, I have learned that no one will if you don’t prioritise yourself. Making time to exercise is not selfish. You shouldn’t feel guilty for doing something that is essential for the human body and mind.

Kate’s Top 5 Tips for Fitting it In:

1. Choose short and effective workouts (20 minutes) that you can do from home.

2. If you can, exercise when the kids are awake and around you. It will be hard at first, but they will get used to it and know that they can’t interrupt Mummy when she is exercising. By doing it around them, you can do other things while they nap or rest. You are also setting a really great example.

3. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Just hit play on your workout, and if you have to pause and come back to it, so be it!

4. Focus on how exercise makes you feel. If you get preoccupied with the weight you’ll get negative and lose interest. Focusing on how great you feel after a workout and for the long term will encourage you to really make time for it.

5. If you have young children, walk, walk, walk. Walk with the pram or if they’re older they can walk themselves. This is a great form of movement and it fills in the day!

I know I said 5, but I’ve got another; don’t just focus on fitness. Think about all the things you can do to enable you to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle. Are you getting enough sleep (beyond what is in your control of course!), are you fuelling your body with food that makes you feel great, are you filling your cup socially etc. If your cup is being filled and your lifestyle is energising you, you’ll have more energy to exercise!

Remember, you won’t achieve everything overnight. Just take each day at a time and do your best!

Image: DediKate Postpartum and Pregnancy Coach, Jess Baker and her kids exercising.

Kate Ivey is the owner, founder and trainer at DediKate, the online health and fitness community for busy women. DediKate focuses on fitness, fun and family to help women to build a long term healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

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