We are all getting older, and the effects of ageing start to creep up on us pretty quickly!! No matter if you’re in your 30’s, or your late 40’s, you’ll no doubt start to see changes happening… and this is due to the ageing process and the depletion of natural collagen production in your body, which starts to deplete by 1% to 2% per year, from your mid-20s.

Yes it’s true, so by the time you’re in your mid 30’s, you have potentially lost nearly 10% natural collagen production, so imagine in your 40’s and into your 50’s, where you’re seeing drier, duller skin, thinning and/or greying hair, your nails are weaker and are more likely to split, you can’t get that dewy glow back in your skin any more, and your joints start to hurt, you don’t recover as well after a big night or a busy week, and your skin doesn’t heal as quickly!
Yup, this is ageing, but it’s also about the collagen depletion your body is going through!

Collagen is like the ‘glue’ that holds everything together in our bodies, it’s important in creating stronger joint and tendon health, better skin that has that young elasticity and looks more hydrated, helps improve gut health and digestion, and of course improved skin texture and tone, stronger hair and nails, and overall beauty from within.

Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas are formulated organic teas developed specifically to support your skin and body with teas, herbs, roots, plants and tisanes (florals),  and then are infused with hydrolyzed collagen peptides that are premium, concentrated, heat-stable, and have been specifically developed to be ingested, which are flavourless and colourless and assists and supports improved skin, hair and nails as well as joint, tendon and ligament health… So you can literally drink the benefits with two cups per day with the powerful benefits of the teas’ antioxidants, polyphenols and catchetins as well as with the uber-boost of collagen.

However, the trick with collagen is that you need to consume it regularly, consistently, as it needs to build up in your system, especially considering your skin has a 28-day cycle…. so you may not start to see results immediately. Initially, you’ll start to see improved nail strength and faster-growing nails, then you’ll start to feel thicker hair and see more hair growth, and then lastly your skin will start to improve, with fewer bumps, with a more hydrated appearance with less fine lines and a much better, smoother texture that you’ll be impressed with.

This is all, unfortunately, dependent upon how much UV exposure, sugar intake, smoking and environmental pollutants you’ve been exposed to and of course your age versus when you start taking collagen, as everybody is different, but with regular and consistently drinking our collagen beauty teas, you’ll start to see results and that fear of ageing should diminish!

Most women are “super-beings”, making very little time for themselves – being super-mums doing everything from running businesses, currently working from home as well as home-schooling, fitting in friends and family, running households and organising the family, as well as doing chores, cooking, cleaning and sending that board report in on time.

So why not make a little time each day for a little quiet luxury, with a delicious hot cup of collagen beauty tea that will not only give you five minutes of peace, but will assist your skin, help get your glow back, and support your overall wellbeing all at the same time!!!

With our crazy lives getting faster and faster, with more and more to do, it’s no wonder that women the world over are discovering the power of collagen, and when mixed with the ancient remedial benefits of drinking tea – well, you seriously need to make a little quiet time to pamper your skin and have a break, after all, you deserve it!


Sam Arcadipane is the Founder of Fusspot Collagen Beauty Teas. Sam has left corporate life to pursue her own business and dream of giving mums and women something just for them – a little time out with a cup of tea that is also great for your skin! She has developed organic teas infused with hydrolyzed collagen peptides to support and enhance beauty from within. Having spent the last 12 months developing this range of 11 blends, all infused with collagen and formulated with a Tea Master, she has created various organic blends that support your skin and complexion goals with a variety of organic herbs, tisanes, roots and plants that will also assist your sleep, energy or cleansing needs. There are loose leaf teas, environmentally friendly and biodegradable teabag blends, and a chai and a matcha powder.  You can find out about the powerful benefits of each blend on www.fusspottea.com