Earth Hour, organised by WWF is an annual event which encourages switching off non-essential lights for an hour at night-time to unite people to take action on environmental concerns and symbolise a commitment to the health and wellbeing of our planet. Here are how some wellness experts will be taking part in Earth Hour this year:

Bec Miller – Founder of Health with Bec

This Earth Hour I will be switching off by turning off all notifications on my phone and being present with people that I love that make me feel happy and totally myself, whilst enjoying some amazing food and wine.

Luke McLeod – Founder of Soul Alive

This year for Earth Hour, I plan on switching off our lights and setting up a candlelight dinner for just my wife and I. No TV’s, no phones. Just the two of us, some good food and a couple of candles.

Ben Lucas – Founder of Flow Athletic

This Earth Hour I will be switching all unnecessary lights off at both Flow and my family home. We will have a technology free hour and use it to unwind, reset and connect with each other.

Rina Timpano – Founder of RinaScentia

This Earth Hour I will not be cooking dinner for that night, but only having a salad because it doesn’t require electricity or lights. I will also be switching off Netflix for that hour and perhaps a game of monopoly by candlelight.