Your home is where children learn so many things as they grow up. By any standards, your home is safe, but this may not be the case for your kids, who see the world’s wonder first before they see any hidden danger. Hence it is crucial to take note and follow a few basic safety tips in order to prevent injuries related to windows and doors.

Some dangers that your kids might face include falling down or climbing out of the window, which is one of the most common causes of injuries and visits to hospital in any age group. And of course, no Perth parents would want any harm to come the way of their child. offers some help for parents to keep their kids safe and prevent falls by watching new skills children are learning and the new places they can reach. The three-pointers the site offers are:

  • Installing safety guards across entries to stairs and balconies. Utmost supervision of children is still advised while they climb up the stairs and balconies of homes.
  • Locking windows when your children start climbing. Restricting window openings and lock them with firmly attached window guards.
  • Open or leave your hall light on at night to make it easier for older children to get to the toilet without tripping.

Australian laws for safety at home

The National Code for the Protection of Openable Windows law states that all bedroom windows in apartment buildings and unit development must ensure utmost safety for children. According to the Australian Building Codes Board, the law aims to prevent kids from falling out accidentally.

The legal requirement specified for windows in apartments and unit buildings to have no more than a 125mm opening, if they are two metres or more above the ground floor, and/or be able to withstand a 250N outward force. What this means for us, mums is that we cannot open our windows very wide to let in the fresh air. The other hassle is finding the right key to fit each lock to open the windows during an emergency.

For Australian parents, one of the best strategies to approach this challenging situation is to use security screens for windows in Perth that not only offer safety and protection for children. Look for security screens that allow for fresh air to flow into your home while not disregarding that you still need your security screens to complement the visual colour palette of your windows and doors to ensure a stylish and modern home. In fact, there are a lot of security screens that will not render your windows look like a fortress.

What to look for

Standard security screens, which help keep your family and belongings safe in your home, are usually fixed into place and cannot be used to escape easily in an emergency situation. On the other hand, kid-safety safety screens, solve not only your need for fall prevention but also preventing insects from entering your home.

Kid-friendly and kid-safe window screens will first and foremost ensure your children are prevented from falling out accidentally of an open window. Moreover, such a window can allow adults to break open your window safety screens and evacuate everyone safely during emergency cases.

Before purchasing your safety screens for windows and doors, make sure you consider the many benefits of security screens for children. And here are some factors to consider when selecting window security screens:

  • Compliant to National Construction Code so you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a high-quality kid-safety product
  • Compliant with AS5203-2016
  • Allows full ventilation of the window
  • Allows easy egress by an adult in an emergency situation
  • With built-in UV inhibitor to withstand extreme temperature changes
  • Is your home located near coastal areas? Look for safety screens that are well-suited for your location
  • Is your home located near bush fire-prone areas? Make sure your safety screens are ideal for such an area
  • Don’t forget that you can still find security screens that look stylish and modern. Big plus if you can choose colours that suit your home furnishings
  • Customisable to your exact specification
  • Mountable to timber or aluminium frames

Some companies that offer kid-safety security screens for windows lets you have your windows fully open so you can maximise the flow of fresh air through your home. When you buy your security screens from reputable aluminium systems providers, you can feel secure in knowing the security screen solutions you purchase are built sturdily to provide maximum protection for your children and the whole family.

Finally, no matter how safety conscious you are, it is crucial that you stay prepared in case there is an emergency situation. Thankfully, untoward incidents or accidents can be avoided through preventive approaches and by teaching your children about your house safety rules to be followed strictly.


Cristina Payton is a writer and content manager of Aus-Secure, one of the leading manufacturers and installers of security doors and screens in Perth. She is also a contributor to home security and improvement blogs, promoting safety, practical & wise home improvements, and strongly believes that style and function can work together.