What better way to spend a Friday night than with some self-pampering right from the comfort of your own home. Whilst we all love going to beauty salons and hairdressers, sometimes we can achieve a treatment from home that is just as relaxing and good for the soul as a usual trip to your favourite spa is. Here are 4 tips on how to give yourself the ultimate hair treatment from home.

Use the right products

Of course, ensuring what you are using on your hair is effective and beneficial will make all the difference in being able to give yourself a successful hair treatment from home! Neutriderm’s enhancer hair collection contains a shampoo, condition and lotion that not only nourishes your hair, however but is also specifically formulated to revitalise and treat damaged hair to increase volume.

Water temperature

Although some people prefer their showers steaming hot, sometimes it’s not actually the best thing for us. Our hair can sometimes dry out from extreme heat as we know, which can also happen with high-temperature waters. Make sure you are washing and rinsing your hair with a mild, room temperature heated shower to ensure that you aren’t stripping your hair of any natural oils which can cause dehydration.

Leave it in

Before you start your shower routine, why not try leaving in a mask for an hour or two before you wash your hair to encourage your hair to soak up all the goodies prior to your hair routine. Coconut oil is a great hydrator that you can keep in your hair for an hour or two prior to washing – next time try an at-home hair mask and let it soak in while you catch up on your favourite tv show!

Leave it be!

Rather than applying the heat of a hairdryer directly after you have treated your hair, why not try letting it air dry to minimise the number of hot tools you have to use on your hair. Although some people may need the assistance of hair tools, most people use up to two different types of tools so allowing your hair to dry naturally can still reduce the pressure of your hair that is used to hot styling.