Being a mum isn’t easy.

Let’s face it, if there was a job specification for what a mum’s role entails in a day, let’s just say there aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to cover it!

You are the doctor, nurse, chef extraordinaire, teacher (of all disciplines), psychologist, motivational speaker, finance analyst and that’s not even scratching the surface.

Amongst all these gloriously challenging roles however is one most women take the most seriously and that is ensuring that our family is healthy, because we know that when you have your health, you have everything.

So without much further ado, here are some simple and easy lifestyle tweaks you and your family can adopt today to give yourself and your loved ones the best shot every day!

Turmeric in warm milk:

This is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy often used extensively by yoga enthusiasts in India for centuries.

The effects of what the West often refers to as Golden Milk have been so well documented and experienced, this drink has become a staple for many households, some even drinking this concoction twice a day, once in the morning before starting the packed day ahead and at night, to lull the body and mind to sleep.

Intrigued to know more?

Combine a teaspoon of Certified Organic/Organic Turmeric in a glass of milk and bring to the boil. Drink this concoction twice a day to keep arthritis/rheumatism at bay and to reduce the inflammation of joints and muscle tissue. Used as an ancient Yoga remedy, this healthy drink is consumed from childhood to ensure arthritis and inflammation of joints never strikes. You may add some honey to sweeten the drink if wished.

Bonus Tip: Try sourcing a hand-pounded organic version so that all the properties and nutrients of the Turmeric remain without the damaging effects of cold/hot pressed processing.

Lemon juice to the rescue!

Combine the powerful benefits of Vitamin C and Honey first thing in the morning and you will never go wrong.

Not only is Lemon a great source of vitamin C, coupled with the wonderful immune building and anti-oxidant components of Organic Honey, we’re not surprised this magical gift from Mother Nature has the flu and annoying pollen shaking in their menacing boots.

Mix the juice from half a freshly squeezed Organic Lemon with a teaspoon of Organic Honey in lukewarm water and drink first thing in the morning. This is a morning power drink packing a three way punch, it’s great for weight loss (just in time for the Summer bikini), it’s great for your skin and it’ll build your immune system to a level that’s going to have the Hulk green (or greener) with envy.

The latest natural healthy sugar alternative – jaggery

There has been a steep increase for this wonderful natural produce, naturally sourced from sugarcane.

Jaggery, also referred to as Panela, is made from sugarcane and the date palm tree. Found in South East Asia, jaggery is a common household ingredient in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Jaggery is a great natural substitute for sugar and is also better for those who are attempting weight loss, available in a variety of shades ranging from a golden light brown to dark brown.

The many health benefits of Jaggery include, but are not limited to:

  • The treatment of anaemia, purifying blood, the prevention of pimples and acne, while promoting healthy skin and hair,
  • Relieving premenstrual symptoms and assisting in muscle soreness, cramps and pain,
  • May be useful in preventing pregnancy anaemia,
  • Reducing water retention in the body as it combats excessive salt intake in our diets while cleansing,
  • Relaxing blood vessels to assist in maintaining blood pressure,
  • Relaxing nerves and muscles to relieve migraines,
  • Acting as an antioxidant while reducing respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and more by maintaining a clean respiratory tract.

Try adding this wonderful natural boon to cereals, porridges or to help wind the kids down after a busy day at school by adding some to warm milk before they sleep for the night for a relaxing, restful slumber and while you’re at it, make sure to keep some for yourself as well!

Which healthy lifestyle tweak are you going to adopt today?

So there you have it, super easy and quick natural ways to improve your and your family’s health.

Which one are you going to adopt today? Let us know in the comments section and why!

Now that you have these natural tips, want a quick and easy way to adopt a natural hair journey as well? We have you covered with this free and easy to implement natural hair tips cheat sheet just for you! Enjoy.


Mituri believes you never stop learning which is why she believes there is still more to know about when it comes to Mother Nature. As a previous Journalist, PR Specialist, Editor and Reviewer, she has worked for News Corp as a Journalist, Editor and IT Specialist, a variety of online mediums and local newspapers as well as for Australia’s second largest Publishing House, Express Publications. These days she’s doing PR (amongst many other roles like nearly every entrepreneur on the planet) for her Organic based/Certified Organic brand Nim-Véda Australia ( Go check it out.