The last year was probably one of the most traumatising in my entire life. Despite having survived many dark storms and burning pits. I never thought I would have made it past 2019 emotionally, mentally, physically broken in every way and I was so happy to find that I had been diagnosed with severe illnesses.

The current global crisis has witnessed our mere existence of normality turned around over the last few months. A process of grieving as well as adapting to the new circumstances has been so important for women to come through this time as we all know that there will never be a normal ever again.

As a Clinical Neuro Therapist Psychologist and teacher in Leadership, I speak on the importance of consistently staying in a strong stance, mentally, physically, emotionally and for many spiritually and not to feel embarrassed to reach out for help, which is a common fear element in many women, professionals, business entrepreneurs and stay at home parents. These women are hurting, and I could relate to their pain.

I knew at that excruciating point in my life I had a choice, do I take my crushed soul and die in that dark space feeling vulnerable and victimised by those closest to me, or do I, as I have done many times in the past where I was broken again and again, pick myself up, lift my head up and remember that yesterday had already died and long gone.

In the past, every time I came back, I did firstly for my children and the community, now if I came back it would have to be for me, society and everything I stood for as a Woman, a Mother and Entrepreneur.

To heal myself, I went to every different cultural peaceful healing place I could, and my ancient leadership mentors. Whilst curing myself, What I found was that where ever I turned, there were Women hurting, and this was across the board, no matter what upbringing, culture, age or diverse backgrounds they came from, there was pain and a lot of them could not see a way out, other than leaving their environment or follow on a desire to end their life as I had too wanted, because I was exhausted in every possible way.

Now I knew I had been gifted with many talents and abilities, I also knew because of my faith that everything I had travelled through from the age of 10 was endorsing my Purpose and Why in life, “adding value to others enabling them to live better quality lives”. I had to start with me and learn how to set some very strong boundaries.

So I chose not to be a giver up and started my organisation “Leaders By Design’ , I developed “The Ultimate Leadership Program’ following many years of research in our inordinate historic leaders, both men and women, learning from the current ultimate Leadership mentors and adding my personal Leadership experiences, delivered in a modern context.

I genuinely believe anyone, and everyone can be Leader, they can be taught and nurtured to lead the life they desire in any area.

I also created the ‘Hurting to Healing’ program for my charity ‘Women’s Mentoring Foundation’ as I recognised that there is no easy time more than now to reach out to those who are suffering in their mindsets and emotions, many are not even aware of what is going on within as they have turned to auto pilot.

I researched and guided others to value this time, to observe our lives, reflect, direct the course of where we want to go once this has passed, what we want our life to be. How we will continue to lead our life that is so fragile to a virus giving us the truth of how easily life can end with someone sneezing.

When our world is shaken, it’s easy for fear to spread and in times of indecision, it’s more important than ever to trust who we are, our belief and faith from within.

The spread of coronavirus shows the timeless truth that we were created to hope and never to fear our situation. I wake up with purpose, direction, and meaning every day of my life now as I want to reach out too many and make the difference

This is the time to turn inward, to reflect on our intellect, physic, emotions, spirit and mental condition, every part of us crucially important.

“True leadership always begins from within and this can only happen if you know yourself first.” – Pushpa