Making small tweaks to your home seasonally is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. Here are some tips to help you make your home feel more “homely” throughout the year.

Start with a good base

Depending on the colours of your home, it helps to start by having some good “base” furniture that you can style depending on the season.

With your couch, for example, having a medium to light base colour, that can be redecorated seasonally with throws and pillows can drastically change the look and feel of your living home. Also, having a rustic-style bookshelf that you can restyle with in-season flowers, different colours and different items each season is another great way of completely reinventing your space.


A good idea when it comes to redecorating with the season is to think of what is happening outside the home and bring it inside the home. For Spring, for example, we have flowers and pastel colours and things tend to be light and airy. Therefore, bring in some in-season flowers, swap out heavy curtains for blinds or a lighter fabric curtain, and incorporate some pastels in the way of rugs, throws and pillows.

Hamptons-style furniture that is painted white and has a grainy look is also brilliant for spring and summer, as is a big oversized white or pastel fabric couch that is is quintessential “Hamptoms.”


Again, summer is about colour, so bringing in some cheerful accents, brighter colours and beach-themed decorations is great for this season. You may also want to incorporate plants.

Summer is also a great time to make sure your entertaining area, outdoor seating and lighting are up to scratch. Getting a great outdoor table, and some comfortable seating that is durable is key. You can style your outdoors depending on the season too.


In Autumn you want to incorporate some warm and earthy tones. Think reds, oranges, and browns. You can incorporate these colours in the form of thicker, woollen blankets, plush rugs, knot pillows etc. Also, get some fall arrangements and centrepieces to style your table and bookshelf with. Soft lighting in the form of candles and fairy lights is also great for autumn.


Winter is all about making your space feel cozy. Bring out some heavier blankets for your couch and your bed. Use warm tones to give your home a feeling of warmth.

Aside from styling your space seasonally, the key is to make sure you are comfortable year-round. Make sure your couch and bed are comfortable. Curate your spaces for the use you intended for them, as much as for the season. For example, if you want a reading nook, furnish it depending on your tastes and how you want to feel in that room. Tweak it as you see fit with the season, but the base furniture and set-up are the most important part.

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