Bringing a child into the world changes your world in more ways than one. You’re now responsible for another human being, your time is no longer solely yours and you can sometimes feel like a stranger in your own body. So it makes sense that postpartum dressing can throw you a few curveballs.

Been struggling with how to dress for your new role as a mother? Just follow this guide for finding your new style post-baby and you’ll be feeling like your new (old) self in no time.

Do consider your new lifestyle

Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you need to toss out your favourite heels and mini dresses. It does mean you’ll likely need to add a new section to your wardrobe, though. If you’re running around with your kids, it might be time to build up your flats or slide collection. You might also find trousers or jeans more comfortable than business skirts. You don’t have to compromise on looking good – stick to classics like the above and pair them with a trench, a comfy sweater and a relaxed silk t-shirt or blouse.

Don’t dress for your pre-baby body

It can be tempting to try and get back into your pre-baby clothes as quickly as possible, but give yourself a bit of grace. You just and bi grewrthed a human, so don’t put limitations on yourself such as, “I have to lose or gain this amount of weight so I can fit into these clothes”. Instead, dress for your new body shape. Maybe it’s smaller, maybe it’s bigger – whatever your shape, buy clothes that fit you now and accentuate the parts of your body you’re most happy with. If your legs have you feeling fine, go for fitted, tailored pants, jeans, or skirts. If you’re not comfortable with your tummy, opt for something like a relaxed fitted silk shirt. This pairs well with just about every staple piece and looks flattering on everyone.

Do buy timeless pieces

A versatile post-baby wardrobe is built on key foundational pieces. These can be classic jeans and tees, blouses and tailored pants, a pencil and A-line skirt and one or two dresses. You can dress these pieces up or down with the right accessories – such as a crisp white sneaker or an ankle boot, a classic trench or oversized blazer, or a colourful scarf or beret. Start with the basics – in colours that bring you joy or work easily together – and then bring in more pops of personality with sneakers and a few trendy pieces. 

Don’t buy time-consuming pieces

For most busy mums, dry cleaning is at the bottom of their priority list. Make it easier for you to get the most out of your new wardrobe by investing in machine-washable pieces. Bonus points if they’re crease-resistant, too, because who has time for ironing? If an item takes too much effort to wash and re-wear, keep it out of your wardrobe.

Sophie Doyle is the founder of The Fable, a Sydney-based fashion label that specialises in the ultimate silk shirt. Each shirt is made from 100 per cent crepe de chine silk, machine washable, crease-resistant, and made in ethically accredited factories.