Money and weight loss have more in common than you think.

I work with women who feel out of control around food. I teach them how to feel empowered and in control around food. I teach them to take charge of their body and their life. The tools I teach them are the same tools you can use to take charge of your bank balance if you overspend.

Let me show you how they are the same.

The reason my clients want to lose weight is that they feel shame about their bodies. Society has told them that they should have a slim body. They think they are inadequate and the feeling of scarcity or shame drives them to eat. They escape the negative feelings by seeking pleasure and abundance in the form of food.

It’s the same for anyone who overspends. The overspending is caused by feelings of scarcity and shame. Our society tells us that we should have pretty shoes, fancy handbags and incredible overseas holidays. We escape those negative feelings by seeking pleasure and abundance by spending money on holidays, shoes, wine and anything that makes us feel better.

The scarcity mindset perpetuates overeating or overspending. And every time we partake in the pleasure of overeating or overspending, we get a little dopamine hit. That dopamine drives us to do it again and again. It’s why it feels impossible to stop. It’s a vicious cycle.

The problem is not the action of overspending or overeating. The root of the problem is our mindset. It’s the way we think. It’s what we believe.

I help women lose weight permanently by helping them change their mindsets. When they do this, they are able to lose weight permanently. If you are struggling with feeling out of control around money, I want to offer you the 4 essential mindset shifts I offer my clients in order to create permanent change!

  1. Stop beating yourself up. It seems useful, but the beats ups just make you feel worse and in order to feel better… you end up seeking pleasure. (For some of you, it will be shopping.) Focus on showing yourself some love and compassion. I want to tell you a truth. You are enough exactly as you are. You don’t need to change in order to be enough. Your worthiness is intrinsic. That doesn’t mean you never change. It means you don’t have to change, but you can make changes, simply because you want to.
  2. Pay attention to what you are doing and thinking. Notice when you spend money. Notice what you spend money on. Notice what you are thinking and feeling when you spend money. You’ve got to identify the problem before you can solve it. And make sure you go back to mindset shift number one – show yourself love and compassion!
  3. You feel terrible. I have some good news and bad news. You are not supposed to be happy all the time. The good news is, nothing has changed except when you feel like shit, you don’t create the suffering of thinking it should be a different way. You can find acceptance for the negative half of life. It’s part of the human experience. The bad news is, you are sometimes going to feel like shit. (I teach my clients how to develop emotional fitness and understanding, reach out if you want to know more.)
  4. You think you are out of control, but you are not. Notice when you tell yourself that you don’t have control. As long as you are believing that thought, you cannot change it. Remember we have to engage our brain to get to the shops or the computer, we must decide to pull out our credit card, we press the button and we make the purchase. It may not feel like you are in control sometimes, because our brain goes into automation mode, but the truth is, you are ALWAYS in control.


Nicky Hammond is a Master Certified Life Coach. Nicky works one on one to support mums. Nicky empowers them with lifelong tools to live a healthy life, in a body they love. Nicky goes to the root of the problem, the mindset so that the change is permanent. She loves helping women create a mindset to create optimal well being and kick ass in daily life.

One of Nicky’s clients Caroline recently said “I love everything about our weekly hour. I feel it’s my time entirely to explore anything. I look forward to it every week. I think anyone and everyone should have the opportunity to do your life coaching program. Nicky’s expertise in giving a new perspective, teaching tools that are life-changing and questioning inbuilt belief systems is the best gift you could ever give yourself.  There is something more out there for every one of us- you can create a life that you’ve only ever dreamed about, and this program shows you how to do it.”