This summer is gearing up to be the one where we get out and adventure with our families, making the most of the outdoors time, exploring together and recharging our brains and bodies.

There really is no better way to move in summer than on the water! SUP is the perfect way to get out on the water and see and explore things just not accessible on any other watercraft. The more time you spend on your SUP you are rewarded with incredible natural experiences that will be talked about at family gatherings for years to come. This year my family and I were able to experience SUP’ing with humpback whales an experience that we will never forget.

SUP is my absolute favourite way to adventure with my two girls, we load up our Red Paddle Co board with the GoPro and snorkelling gear head out and get in the water to see what show nature is putting on for us underneath the surface, capturing on camera what we see to be able to relive over and over again as a family. Seeing the excitement and awe on the girls faces when we share time in and on the water is absolutely priceless.

This summer is an ideal time for memory making, and for us, SUP is central to our time on the water, it gives opportunities for my girls to learn from the school of the sea, about water safety, reading weather conditions and learning about what marine life we can see.

With the list of family SUP adventures pretty endless here are some great ideas on how to SUP with your family this summer to keep it interesting (just remember to take the necessary safety precautions); 

  • Try SUP fishing
  • Explore a lake or dam
  • Take someone out for a SUP snorkel
  • Try to catch some small waves
  • Plan a SUP picnic in protected calm enclosed waters
  • Pack them on the boat and choose a new place to explore

Movement in nature is the perfect way to form a deeper connection with your loved ones, so grab your boards and get out and have some fun together this summer.

Kylianne Farrell –  ecotherapist, PT, mental health first aid instructor & Red Paddle Co expert.