Mum CFOs is for the Mums who are the Chief Financial Officers of the household. They want to save money, make money, grow money, build their wealth and not retire poor. They are finance savvy (or want to learn to be) and are the ones who negotiate for the big ticket items, they research the property market ready to jump on a deal for their investment property and are building their family’s financial security day by day.

This group exists to provide helpful advices, insights and tips about managing cashflow, budgeting, investing and, overall, building wealth.

We are a friendly community of mums all across Australia meeting in a common platform and supporting each other’s money matter questions.

We aim to build connections with one another, help each other out by providing relevant information or answers and have fun doing so.

We encourage our members to be participative, courteous and respectful of each other.

  • NO SELL/BUY/SWAP/BORROW – there are buy and sell pages meant for that.
  • NO NAMING AND SHAMING – there is always two sides to every story! DON’T BADMOUTH LOCAL BUSINESSES. This can be very damaging, so any ‘name and shame’ posts will not be allowed and will be deleted, and the members may be removed from the group. If you have had a bad experience with a company, contact the company directly to let them know and to get them to resolve it directly. Complaining in the group can have devastating consequences for a business. Mum CFOs will not be held accountable for any such comments made. This applies even if you do not name a business. So long as there is enough information for other people to possibly recognise who the defamatory material is about you, then it is is not allowed. You must not offer to send or ask for a pm to be sent in relation to negative feedback on any business. Anyone doing so may be removed.
  • BUSINESS POSTS ARE TUESDAY NIGHTS 8PM-9PM (AEDT) ONLY FOR BUSINESS REGISTERED WITH US. If you would like to advertise please contact us at for more information.
  • BUSINESS RECOMMENDATIONS – We understand that we rely on each other’s recommendations and we love to benefit from each other’s experiences. But sadly we are experiencing a huge surge in what appear to be non genuine recommendations. By this we mean recommendations which are made for a business belonging to a friend or relative, or where the poster has been asked and/or incentivised to make the recommendation. The result of this is that as a group, we can’t trust those recommendations. Therefore, you may only recommend a business or service where someone has posted a “looking for recommendation” post. We understand that many of you actually do love and want to recommend businesses owned by friends and relatives but if you are recommending them you must declare your relationship to that business, otherwise the recommendation will be removed. As usual, if you are a business owner, you must have a listing in our directory to self promote or recommend your business in any post.
  • NO SOLICITING FOR BUSINESS VIA PM – please do not post links to your website, blog or anything else in order to attract business. If you are a business replying to someone’s question please do not post your business urls. You may reference that you can provide a service and welcome the person to PM if they are interested but you must provide an answer to the posters question in the thread first.
  • NO CHARITY POSTS – we are bombarded with requests to add links to Go Fund Me’s and various causes/donations/collections.
  • NO BULLYING – if a member personally attacks or bullies another with words that are harmful, threatening or disrespectful, that member will be removed.
  • If anyone blocks or abuses any member of the admin team, you will automatically be removed from the group.
  • No males are allowed to join the group (and this includes shared/joint profiles) and we do ask that if your Facebook profile has only recently been created that you contact a member of the admin team to request permission to join the group.
  • Please use the SEARCH function to search the group for old posts.
  • If you have a post removed it is most likely because it is against the group rules. Please don’t be personally offended, but feel free to read the full rules so you can understand the rationale behind our decisions.
  • Please do not copy or share any content posted in the group without prior consent from the original poster.
  • You must also not use this group to research blogs and articles without permission from the admin team.


Note: any member not complying with the rules will be deleted without warning. With such a big group, we just don’t have the time to private message everyone.

ANONYMOUS POSTS: please private message admin Laurice Lee or message the Mum CFOs Facebook Page inbox.

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