Ready to look and feel fabulous without spending a fortune? We all know that we are better parents and our relationships thrive when we take care of ourselves but did you know you can get and stay fit for very little cost?

Get ready to lose weight, increase energy and build self-confidence without breaking the bank. One-on-one PT sessions are a wonderful luxury and a sure-fire way to get results but there are many other ways you can achieve your dream body and mindset. My goal is for everyone to feel their best physically and mentally so here are 10 tips to help you achieve your goals.

Get and stay fit with the following 10 tips.

  1. Get outside – the world is your oyster; try a run, hike, swim, stair session, yoga in the park or pick up a sport. You’ll pick up an extra dose of fresh air and Vitamin D for free too. Did you know that Vitamin D is a natural antibiotic!? So dust off that old gear, head outdoors and bring back those childhood feels!
  2. Gym memberships on discount – if you enjoy the vibe and equipment offered by a gym, shop around for a membership. Discount apps and sites such as Groupon, Scoopon and Cudo frequently offer ways for you to try and join their facility for a fraction of the cost. Most gyms also offer 10-day trials of their gym. Just remember location is key. The closer to you, the more likely you will make the effort when you’re feeling tired or short on time. You can also buy gym memberships on eBay or gumtree from members that need to break their contract. Don’t forget to enquire about creche hours and costs.
  3. Try buddy or small group training – prefer to work out with a personal trainer? Try joining a small training group or sign up for buddy training (speak to current clients for feedback before choosing a trainer). For the price of 1 session, you will get 3. That means 3 times more accountability and motivation. Unlike large group classes, you’ll be closely monitored for personal injuries, form, technique and breathing. It also means time socialising with old and new friends.
  4. Skip the expensive workout gear – Cotton On Body, Kmart, Target and online stores have great workout clothing and gear. You’ll get trendy clothes, water bottles and towels for a fraction of the cost of boutique shops. Start there and reward yourself with more expensive items as a reward for your efforts and progress.
  5. Write your goals down – when your goals hit the paper, they become real. Creating goals for yourself that you can visually see is like creating a contract with yourself. If they are realistic and you don’t achieve them you will feel disappointed and will try harder next time. This free exercise will help you reach your goals faster and keep you on track!
  6. Buy almost dated organic – often, we can get organic produce and meats for less than regular products if we are able to use the items within two days. Visit the organic sections first and look for markdown stickers. Don’t be surprised if you get your chicken and celery for less than its’ non-organic competition!
  7. Meal prepping – time is money so fitting in ways to save time in the kitchen is like banking dollar bills ya’ll. One way to see your goals come to fruition is by meal prepping for yourself and your family. Great for lunches and snacks. Need inspo? Just google meal prep on YouTube or Google. There’s a great one in my app for my Aldi lovers.
  8. Buy in bulk and online – this is a time and money saver. For your meal prep, you can try buying your items in bulk to really save and the bonus these heavy items get delivered to your door. Rice, potatoes, toilet paper, dog food, coffee, etc. will no longer need to be hauled around by you. A quick Google search and you will find one in your area. Great for baby items as well.
  9. Try free workouts from Instagram or YouTube – if you do a bit of research you can find some great sessions to try on your own, at home or at the gym. You can also opt to spend a bit to get a great app that tracks your sessions, plans your workouts and meals. I’ve noted mine below that also includes 24/7 support and personalised programs.
  10. Hit the markets – not only will you save money on healthy foods and products but you will also be supporting your local farmers, most of which don’t use heavy pesticides and hormones. Many market butchers and farmers sell organic foods without certification. It’s a great activity for the family as well!

So, to recap, you are going to get into your amazing yet affordable gym clothing, head to the park or gym for your 45-minute small group session, then head to the grocery store for your meal prep shop.


Corby Pinder is a mum, personal trainer and online coach with 14 years of experience. She is known for helping her clients look and feel their best. She believes in treating her clients holistically and focuses on all areas of growth. Her specialities are postnatal and strength training.


Corby has an app where she offers 30 days for free with no payment details taken. Choose a home or gym option. Includes meal plans and training programs. Find out more here.