As the weather heats up, our clothing tends to get smaller and smaller, but what if we told you that when it comes to your intimate apparel, swapping out small, lacy underwear for boxer briefs might just be the best thing you do this summer? Step One offers the perfect boxer briefs for both men and women and here are 5 reasons to make the switch.


Chafing is one of the most irritating skin concerns that people experience when the weather starts to heat up. Common in both men and women, chafing happens when scratchy fabric or skin rubs against the skin, and it can cause irritability and rashes. Typically, people avoid swimming, walking or other activities to reduce the amount of chafing they experience in the summertime. Step One boxer briefs feature innovative UltraGlyde technology which is placed where the legs rub to stop irritation. It is a game changer for those who are active, who chafe or who sweat.


Opting for fabrics that offer breathability is key to maintaining intimate health, particularly in women. Many health experts report that particularly women experience thrush in summer due to the heat and synthetic fabrics. Step One, however, is made from an organic bamboo viscose fabric, which may help. This is because bamboo viscose has naturally moisture-wicking properties that allow the skin to breathe and stay dry throughout the day.


As much as we love summer, it can be an uncomfortable season, wearing comfortable underwear is just one of many things that you can do for yourself.  There is nothing worse than a G-string or lace causing discomfort, especially when it’s 30+ degrees. A well-made boxer brief offers a sleek and comfortable design that can be worn under jeans, dresses and more.


We know summer is the season of sweat and we know that sweat can lead to bad smelling odours and can leave us feeling self-conscious. Which is just another case for choosing better quality fabrics.


You might think boxer briefs for women sound like a strange fit, however, these have been crafted specifically to flatter the female body. The Polyamide enhances durability, maintains shape and excellent resistance to wear and tear after countless washes ensuring that you can get longevity out of the item.