Being a mum is most definitely one of the hardest and busiest roles that anyone can undertake, however, life beyond motherhood does exist too. Like many mums, Amy and Emilee Hembrow started their own business SSKIN Clinic together whilst embracing the busyness of looking after their children and falling pregnant. Here are 5 tips they have shared with us.

1. Make sure you start a business you love and that you are passionate about. Working for yourself can be tough to stay motivated but if it’s something you’re generally passionate about, that will help your drive.

2. Don’t be afraid to get support and help from those around you. It’s hard to do it all. Set out times with whoever you have as a support team to help with the kids or house hold things, so you don’t overwork yourself.

3. Allocate time in your calendar for work. You are your own boss. Lock in times and days that you are working. Mix up working from home with working from other locations such as a cafe or park, to change up the scenery.

4. Be innovative. Don’t be scared to try something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone can feel scary but usually that’s when you are going to do something amazing.

5. Try being involved with a few different social media platforms. Depending on your market, they can all be good for different things.