1. Make your printer work harder
    Printer ink is expensive! Did you know that you can save ink by switching from black to blue near the end of its run? Doing this will give you a few more runs before it signs off for good! Also, did you know Garamond font uses less ink than any others?
  2. Don’t pick up a shopping basket
    When popping into the supermarket for a few forgotten items don’t pick up a
    shopping basket to “grab a few items,” actually “pick them up and carry them”
    By making yourself carry items, you’ll be more likely to get out of there with just what you came in for.
  3. 10. Don’t Use Shaving Cream
    Lather up with a bar of soap instead of shaving cream. Compare the price of shaving cream with soap. Enough said.
  4. Gym Membership Savings
    Many private health insurance plans offer reimbursements on your gym memberships. Benefits vary by provider but give them a call and ask!
  5. Get Rid of Dust
    When vacuuming next, take a few seconds to vacuum out the dust bunnies living underneath the fridge and clean the coils. Did you know that by keeping the coils clean and dust-free the energy efficiency of a refrigerator can be increased and in turn saves you money on your power bills.
  6. Clear the Dryer Vent
    As with the fridge maximise energy efficiency by keeping the vent coming from your clothes dryer clean and free from blockage at all times.

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