Hi, my name is Trudy. I am a 46-year-old yoga teacher, who has spent a lot of time recovering from surgeries, car accidents (driver distraction from others), two spine operations and so much more. Life has been tough, a turn of events that makes you grateful for all that you have, and health is the priority.

A very big part of my recovery with all of this was yoga, it was my main focal point when I was bed bound, obviously, I could not physically practise yoga, but I could go there in my mind. Yoga, along with a positive mindset, helped me to get out of a wheelchair 3 times (once I even had to teach yoga from a wheelchair) and re-learn how to walk.

Yes, life has been tough, but I won’t let it define me.

Like most people, I took my spine health for granted and ignored some signs of distress but it caught up with me and my busy lifestyle.

Lucky To Be Walking

The doctors said – “get used to the wheelchair.” And I thought to myself – “I don’t think so!”

I’ve needed two spinal surgeries as a result of 6 car accidents over my lifetime (driver distraction from others).

The cumulative injuries were so bad that the doctors didn’t think I could be fixed in a way that would ever enable me to walk properly again.

Amongst all of this, I had been teaching yoga for 6 (out of 8) years, our studio was popular, and amidst all the pain, I had to figure out how I could possibly still conduct classes for my clients effectively and still keep our doors open.

Things had to change… in 2016 I needed a Discectomy, while I waited for news;

  • I taught from a wheelchair verbally, I could move my arms but nothing else
  • I sought out clients who didn’t mind being my demonstration ‘models’ while I verbally taught what they were doing
  • We found lots of laughter which is a great distraction AND releases endorphins
  • I found acceptance that this is how things needed to be – at that time.
  • Meditation, the ONLY answer for me, when you have a good mindset you have everything.

Mind/Body/Soul Connection

I had to go back to the mind, body and soul connection that I have always known and practised, and be kinder to myself.

I cannot stress enough how the power of your mind, has the ability to dictate the quality of your life. My meditation strengthened my mind, which in turn strengthened my body.

One spine surgery led to another just three short years later, after I felt a ‘twinge’ in my lower back, so I went to the doctor to get checked out.

One scan revealed so much, one scan scared me more than any other. One phone call put my life on hold for another year. Another surgery – this time to fuse my spine at L4/5/S1 – was required, I now have 2 rods and 6 titanium screws that hold my spine in place, and I’m back in the yoga studio, fully functional. I have proven the doctors wrong.

Through 2019 and 2020 I spent most of my time in bed, healing, recovering from such a major surgery, that affected me on every single level. I went to a very dark place, my mind wandered too much that I started writing things down, which made me feel better. I had nothing but time on my hands, so I wrote a book, it is aptly named FUSED, it was published in December 2020, I have my life exposed in a book for anyone to see and read. I also planned out a yoga DVD for mobility, it was the best time to create, it saved my mindset. My DVD called Yoga For Backs was released in 2020.

Then I decided that more people needed help with movement, so I created an app called ‘Back Happy Yoga’, it’s full of movement that helped me in my time of recovery and beyond. There are classes for everyone, if you have mobility issues, or backaches and pains, I literally have lived it, so my classes are from personal experience alongside my knowledge of yoga.  Back Happy Yoga is available in the app stores now.

I actually say to people that I became ‘the person that I needed to help me when I was in recovery.

Remember dear readers, that YOU are the most important person in your life, do what you need to do, embrace life and alleviate aches and pain. I would love to help you.

Trudy Vains
Phone: 0448 104 642
Email: trudy@yogawithtrudy.com.au
Website: www.yogawithtrudy.com.au