If you’re a busy mum who is on the hunt for a meaningful career change, trying to find a better work-life balance or cringing at the thought of returning to a job that no longer suits your family schedule, a franchise could be worth considering.

Building a business from scratch can seem overwhelming (and almost impossible if you’re looking at jumping into a new industry you haven’t worked in before). However, with a franchise, there is a level of support built-in, which can provide confidence, fill in your ‘skills gap’ and ease time pressures to help you strike that much desired work-life balance.

It’s a big decision and it may not suit everyone but if you are looking at your ‘what next’ options, here are five reasons why a franchise might be just what you were looking for….

You can make a passionate career change

As a franchisee, you are given the keys to an operating system that’s been tested over time by many other business operators before you. This means you don’t have to walk into the business knowing absolutely everything about the industry you’re entering. This opens up the possibilities and also allows you to take your core skills and leap into a different area you’ve always wanted to work in.

You have instant support

When you become a franchisee you instantly have a support network behind you. The franchisor will take care of many tasks so you can focus on your strongest skills and doing the work you love.

You can find flexibility

There are many different types of franchises out there and if you choose wisely, the nature of the business combined with the business support from the franchisor can enable you to find a level of work-life balance that you wouldn’t be able to achieve going solo.

You have an instant brand

By being associated with a franchise that has a regional or national reputation already, your business instantly benefits from the work the franchisor has done over time to establish the brand and its goodwill. There is usually also a shared marketing fund used to drive brand development and growth.

You have expert advice when it matters

If there’s anything the pandemic has reminded us, it’s that things can go wrong and respond is often way out of our comfort zone and skills matrix. In difficult times, emergency situations and possible future lockdowns, as a franchisee you know you’ll have help from the franchisor regarding the required response, technology, marketing, operational protocols, regulation compliance and crisis management plans for these situations.


Amanda Hicks is a franchisee with JUMP! Swim Schools and owns two sites, while also raising her young son. JUMP! has a network of sites across Australia and teaches swimming skills to children aged 3 months to 12 years in purpose-built, kid-friendly swimming centres. Approximately 40% of JUMP! Swim School franchises are owned by mums. The JUMP! franchise network is part of Belgravia Group, a private group of health, leisure, tourism, property, finance and technology companies with more than 200 locations, 7,000 employees Australia-wide and over 20 years’ experience in franchising and creating active, healthy communities.