Minimising clutter from a child’s room isn’t always easy. Children often end up with lots of junk in their room, and they can become more attached to certain items than adults. This makes it difficult to convince children to give up their precious belongings. Believe it or not, decluttering your kids’ rooms on moving day can be a great way to achieve this goal.

As long as the rest of your house is packed up, you should have enough time on moving day to go through your kids’ rooms and declutter. It is good to start as early as you can, especially before your kids get too tired, so you can get it out of the way and get on with your move. Removing all the clutter from your kids’ rooms will make moving day much easier, as you’ll have less to move and less to worry about bringing into your new home.

It’s great to get the kids involved in the process as this will help them to understand why it is important, and will also allow them to pick out items that they really love and want to keep. Start with one section of the room at the time, work out which items you want your kids to keep, and then move on to the next section. This will allow you to clear out space in the room and keep track of what you’ve done.

Decluttering their rooms on moving day will help to ensure that your kids are out of the way while the rest of your belongings are being packed up. With removalists going in and out of your home, it is easy for kids to get in the way and get hurt, which you definitely don’t want to happen. Setting them up in their rooms and helping them to clear out the junk will keep them occupied and is a great way to get them involved in the move too.

It can be a good idea to give your kids a treasure box each as well. They can store items that they really can’t part within it, and when it gets too full it becomes their responsibility to sort through it and work out what they no longer need. You can do this beforehand, or have them sort through their favourite items on moving day to keep them occupied while you clean up the mess.

Once you have worked out which items you are keeping, it can be a good idea to sort through the junk to see if there is anything worth selling. There are great portals online such as Gumtree or local Facebook groups where you can sell second-hand toys and clothing, so if you have anything that is in good repair it might be worth keeping it and selling it online. This may include books, old clothing, toys, and sports equipment.

Now that you’ve got a plan for moving day, it is time to start decluttering! Your kids’ rooms, and your home, will be clutter-free in no time!


Article provided by WridgWays