On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day took place. It inspired people around the world to step up to care for our planet and commit to building a sustainable world. Earth Day is not about taking action for one day. It’s about making lasting changes. It’s about fighting for the environment now as the ravages of climate destruction become more obvious every day.

The cosmetics and skincare industry is known for its heavy use of plastics, especially in their packaging. Plastic waste takes hundreds of years to decompose, and it often ends up getting stuck in landfills or eaten by animals.

Each year, 120 billion units of packaging are made in the cosmetics industry. 70% of cosmetics are ending up in landfills, unfinished and discarded plastics

Brands such as Limelife by Alcone are helping to change this by using recycled packaging, opting for more organic ingredients rather than chemicals and toxins, and manufacturing their products with renewable energy sources.

Plenty of scientific studies have proven harmful chemicals and parabens to be a no-no in beauty products. The products are not just bad for you but they can be ingested by animals when products make it into our waterways.

Michele Mallardi Gay, CEO of LimeLife by Alcone, wanted to create a skincare line that was completely free of harmful chemicals. Michele was very passionate about keeping harsh chemicals out of skincare, which is absorbed into the bloodstream within seconds. She partnered with a chemist who sources the best ingredients nature has to offer from sustainable farms all over the world, and the LimeLife by Alcone skincare line was created.

Look for refill programs

LimeLife by Alcone provide refills of eyeshadows that come in recyclable plastic for all of our cosmetic pans. Every time one is purchased LimeLife make a donation to our Brighter Together Foundation. To take the mission further, they officially partnered with Terracycle to create a free recycling program for LimeLife by Alcone skincare and cosmetics packaging in Australia. Simply collect your LimeLife by Alcone packaging and take it to your nearest Loccitane store.

Once collected, the waste is broken down and separated by material, because the science of recycling is focused on recovering the materials that an object is made of. Therefore each waste stream is recycled according to its own process. Plastics are cleaned and pelletized, whereas metals are melted down. For example, recycling beauty products packaging involves shredding it, separating the materials that it was made from, then melting those materials into raw materials that can be then used to make new recycled products

The environment matters, and it’s up to every one of us to make the decision to live more sustainably and be more conscious of what we put out in the world.  Whilst we can’t completely eliminate plastics completely, we can recycle and reuse them to reduce the impact on the environment.


For more information on LimeLife by Alcone head to www.limelifebyalcone.com/michelledube