Last year may have put many of our lifestyles on hold but as we welcome in the new year we have more freedom to look forward to! With the summer season in full swing, it can be the perfect time to start spending more time outdoors and weaving in some workouts where you can into your outdoor lifestyle. Here are some tips from Adala Bolto founder of ZADI on how to easily include bespoke workouts into your lifestyle.

Social Walking

Social catch-ups with friends don’t always have to be over coffee, lunch or a shopping trip. Catching up with friends and working out can be done seamlessly at the same time allowing you to achieve both your social and fitness goals for the day. Next time you reach out to catch up with a friend, try suggesting a coastal walk – this might just be your best way to include a workout into your lifestyle.

Use the Elements

Whilst summer is still here and the weather is warm and inviting, why not try conducting your workouts into your outdoor lifestyle. This could be in the form of spending some time at the beach and rather than sunbathing, you can conduct a series of water exercises or fitness laps in the ocean to achieve your fitness goal of the day.

Bring the Kids

If you are a mum and your current lifestyle is entertaining your kids until school recommences then inviting your kids along to your workouts could be your way into making sure you achieve some fitness time for yourself. Taking the kids to the park or playground and letting them run around and play while you conduct a series of floor exercises could be a great way to get the kids out of the house and have some time to yourself to get those muscles moving.

Group Classes

Group classes can be fun, energetic and the perfect way to catch up with a group of girlfriends. The next group catch up that your social circle are trying to organise – might just be the perfect time to suggest a group workout at a studio no one has tried. ZADI offer energetic night club inspired workouts where women can work out, have fun and empower each other!