I used to chew my partner’s ears out telling him I wanted to blog he would always encourage me and say ‘’you should’’ but time went on and I never did anything.

Only this year I finally got around to actually making it happen. After many failed attempts of building my own website on various platforms I decided to ask for help and my friend created me a wonderful template.

After deleting all the content and sending many emails to and from I finally learnt how to understand WordPress.

When I started my blog from my styling background I really thought my blog would be based around ‘fashion’ but to my surprise, it was a topic I really struggled with.

I decided to contact all my favourite stores and bloggers via email asking if they would like to feature and to my surprise many did. One of my first posts was my interview with Roxy Jacenko she shared it on her Facebook page and really got my views up.

Since my launch I have reached success with my blog having over 20k views, I have been so lucky to be in the position to try so many products to feature and get invited to events it’s been quite overwhelming. I have found my focus and that’s ‘lifestyle’

I have loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see my blog grow in the next 12 months.

If you are thinking of starting a blog I highly recommend using WordPress.

Find an original name and set up your email and social media site you want to share your content over.

Make a list of people/stores you want to feature on your blog if the lifestyle is what you want to get into. I have only had around 5 people say they are not interested, don’t let rejection get you down. Some people don’t want to waste their time on amateur bloggers and that’s understandable.

Get your friends to share your post. Post it on social media sights and most importantly network and don’t give up. Blogging is very therapeutic for me

Good luck3 x