There’s no doubt we have all felt the effects a good sleep can have! We all know how important sleep is, there’s no disputing it. Yet it’s so rare that we consistently get a good 7-9hrs of sleep every night. People typically experience an interrupted sleep one way or another, and for some people it’s often due to tight muscles.

For people that struggle to sleep through the night, stretching might just be the answer for you. Restlessness, muscle spasms or muscle aches can all be signs you need to stretch before bed.

Here are some ways that stretching can help with your sleep according to Kayla, owner and head Flexologist at Stretch Studios.

Relaxes Your Body

Following a series of stretches gets your body into a relaxed state. Stretching can be a bit like pushing a reset button on your muscles. It helps bring them back to their healthy resting length, reducing any strain on other muscles and joints.

Taking a moment (or a few) to stretch before bed can assist with allowing your body to slow down and relax, just the state you want to be in before hitting the hay.

Reduces Cramping

Stretching allows better blood flow to our muscles. Blood carries important things like nutrients and oxygen around the body. So a surplus of these delivered to our muscles before we sleep will help relax the muscle and reduce cramping through the night.

Relaxes Your Mind

We all have a number of things constantly racing though our minds at any given point of the day. Sometimes it’s only made worse when our head hits the pillow! Some how as soon as we lay down all the things we forgot to do come rushing back to us! Allowing yourself time to stretch in the evening is a good way to separate yourself from your day. Shifting our focus to our breath and to our body,  allows us to consciously let go of that stress. When we take time to give back to ourselves, it gives us the power to show up better in future.

Stretching is a great thing to factor into your evening routine. It can help create the ultimate sleep environment for when your head does hit the pillow!