Money is a touchy subject, and when your friends start earning more than you do, it can sometimes lead to awkward feelings and insecurities. However, it’s essential to remember that financial success doesn’t define your worth or the strength of your friendships. In this article, we’ll explore some healthy ways to deal with the situation and maintain strong connections with your friends. 

Value what you have 

Stop comparing things. Don’t spoil what you already have by constantly wanting more. Remember, what you have now was once something you wished for. 

Be positive 

Get ready for a better tomorrow, but don’t forget to appreciate the good things happening in your life right now. 

Take control of your actions and decisions 

Start your day by considering three things you’re grateful for. Speak out loud about why you value these parts of your life. 

Give attention to your financial goals 

Let your friends’ success inspire you to set and reach your own money goals. Make a budget, save for the future, and strive to better your financial situation. Reaching financial independence and stability will make you feel more confident and less insecure. 

Navigating friendships when your friends make more money may present its challenges, but with open communication, a positive mindset, and a focus on personal growth, you can maintain strong, supportive relationships. Remember that true friendships are built on understanding, empathy, and shared experiences, not financial status. Embrace your journey, celebrate your friends’ successes, and cherish the unique qualities that make each of you valuable in your way. 


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