Working out has always been an essential aspect of keeping fit and healthy however it can sometimes be challenging, especially for working mums to find any time in their busy schedules that they can dedicate to physical activity. Working out from home can be an easy alternative for busy people to undertake half an hour to an hour of physical activity during their days. Here are some tips on how to get a solid workout from home:

Set your alarms

Although the noise of your alarm ringing early in the morning is one of the most painful sounds, dedicating some time for a home workout early in the morning might be the answer for some people. Waking up even an hour or half an hour early to allow some time for a quick workout can be a great way to keep active and kickstart your day! Of course, for some people, mornings are already a stressful time of the day and they might even need more time to sleep – if this is you, you can still set an alarm for a time during the day that suits you, whether it be while your baby sleeps or while you have a quick break between meetings, as a simple reminder to have a quick stretch or a quick workout!

Find a space

Finding a space around your home or backyard that you dedicate as your workout area can encourage you to keep at it! Whether this is a spare room, a corner of your backyard or even in your empty garage, having a space that you go to specifically for fitness can help your mind get into the workout zone! You know that once you are in this space you are ready for a workout!


Communication, as they say, is always key! Communicate to your children or partner that you need some time for yourself during the week/day specifically so you can focus on staying fit and healthy. Although our routines look different each week, communicating that you will be MIA for an hour or half an hour can assist in ensuring you have some dedicated time to have a solid workout.

Convenience is key

With anything in life, we look for things that are convenient and time-effective especially during our busy working weeks. Finding an online membership that focuses on convenience can definitely ensure you are reaching your goals of a solid at-home workout. With convenience at its core, FLOE Live allows its members to access interactive and live workouts starting every half an hour. With the added benefit of instructors that can see you and even coach you from home, its users are able to enjoy yoga, meditation, strength and HIIT classes at a time that suits them without compromising on motivation.