When was the last time you had an employer contribute to your super for you? If you can’t remember, how about the last time you contributed to your super yourself?

If you’ve been outside the workforce for maternity leave or other unpaid work such as looking after a partner or elderly parent or simply decided to work casually or part-time, your super has most likely taken a big hit.

Super contributions aren’t often at the top of the priority list and we don’t think much about its implications now. There are already so many competing priorities as we’re trying to make ends meet.

It’s important to know that we’re all on the same boat – unfortunately. Most Australian women find themselves in the same situation. It’s systemic injustice. Put simply, the super system was not designed for women:

The reality is that if you don’t think about it until late into your forties, there isn’t enough time to accrue enough. Starting today will have a significant impact on how much you end up within 25-30 years.

Super-Rewards contributes to your super for you

The team at Super-Rewards discovered a really clever way to help you build wealth and boost your super for the future – without having to contribute any of your own hard-earned money at all.

Super-Rewards is a shopping platform, created by women for women, that contributes to your super for you. Every time you shop online – as you would normally – with Super-Rewards retail partners, cash rewards are paid into your existing super fund.

How does Super-Rewards work

Earning Super-Rewards doesn’t require any change in behaviour from you – no rewards cards, no fobs, no uploading receipts. Just keep shopping as you always have and watch the money roll into your super.

All you have to do is shop via the Super-Rewards platform. As described by the SkyNews host – it’s a no-brainer.150+ retail partners

Super-Rewards’ retail partners have a shared mission in helping close the super gap and enabling women to reach a more comfortable retirement. Shop your favourite retailers and get the benefit of cash for super.The bigger, the better

Whether it’s buying weekly groceries, shoes, kids’ clothes, a holiday or household appliances, if you go through the Super-Rewards platform, retailers will pay an average of 5% cashback.

If you’re buying a $1,000 couch from Freedom via Super-Rewards, you get 3.75% cashback26 in super. This means you’ll be receiving $37.50 into your super account – from just one purchase. How awesome is that?

Bottom line is: the more you shop via Super-Rewards, the more you contribute to your super. Once the money is in your super fund, it starts earning compound interest – which can make a big difference over time.

Super-Rewards is free to join. There’s no catch, no upfront charges. Register and make 2020 the year of growing your super!