With our lives becoming constantly busier, finding the time to work out might be challenging for some people. Whilst some people might think effective workouts only come from dedicated gym time, you might be glad to know that your lifestyle might just be the key to getting in even half an hour of physical activity regardless of whether or not you go to the gym. Here are some tips on how to include bespoke workouts into your lifestyle.

Go outdoors 

If you don’t have time to go to the gym amongst your meetings or catch-ups with people, try suggesting an outdoor activity for the next time you have to meet with someone. Suggesting a walk with your friend instead of a brunch is a wonderful way to catch up with someone whilst getting a good workout in at the same time!

Try something new 

Have you not found the perfect type of workout that you enjoy? Instead of your usual gym or running routine, why not try one new type of workout a week, or even per month and you might just find the one for you! Once you’ve found the one you love, you will be able to adapt it to your lifestyle!  


Although some people don’t plan their week in a schedule, it’s actually a great way to ensure you can weave in some physical activity in a way that compliments your lifestyle and free time. If you have a look at your schedule for the week you might even find some time for a quick swim at your local beach or even a quick class at your favourite studio.

Keep it exciting 

Whilst some people dread the idea of working out of exercising in general, the key is to remember to have fun! Nobody said working out has to be boring so keep it fresh and creative so that you can enjoy yourself and look forward to your workouts. ZADI Training workouts pride themselves on being fun, interactive and energy-boosting! With their nightclub inspired workouts, it’s a perfect motivation and good vibes that will blend seamlessly into your lifestyle!