Saving money is important, especially for big families that have a specific budget. However, is it possible to save money on home cleaning without lowering the quality of the results? You’d be surprised, but there are numerous things you can try to limit your costs on cleaning without giving up your standards. Here are a few of them:

When Buying Cleaning Products

Buy more, pay less. Cleaning supplies are something we use every day, so why bother buying them every month, when you can get a yearly supply, and even save money while doing it.  One way to save on cleaning supplies is buying in bulk from warehouse stores, which supply regular stores and commercial establishments. Some of them may require a paid membership though, so you have to consider if you really need it. Another way is to buy from big stores – every supermarket provides discounts, two products for the price of one, half-price products on clearance, and many other similar offers. You can easily check these discounts online or thanks to those promotional magazines we all get in the mail. Another cool idea is to gather coupons for the products you need or to become a regular client in a store that provides loyalty discount cards.

Use a store brand. Most people always look for the big, popular brands, as if a name can clean your house properly. Many big stores produce their own lines of practically everything – various food items, canned goods and cleaning detergents, of course.  These generic products are generally cheaper than the big brands and there’s no difference in the contents or quality.

Invest in reusable cleaning tools. Disposable cleaning items are neat, but in the long term, they eat up a big part of our household budget. To save some money, you can pick tools, which can be reused. Microfiber cloths are a great choice for wiping and dusting, and they last longer than paper towels. Instead of getting a mop with disposable pads, just get a reusable one, they are even more hygienic because you can put them in the washing machine after each use.

Adjust your current cleaning routine

Simplify your cleaning detergents. Nowadays you can find a cleaner for almost everything. If you get all of them, your cupboard would overflow, and your wallet would be empty. Truth is that many detergents can clean a few things. Pick multi-purpose or all-purpose cleaners. You can use one cleaner for all the kitchen surfaces, one cleaner for everything in the bathroom, and one cleaner for all the wooden surfaces. Get special cleaners only for very tough jobs, where nothing else would work.

Store cleaning supplies properly. Improperly stored cleaning detergents can turn into a mess, they can lose their power, or they can expire before you get to use them. Make sure the cleaning products are protected from direct light or extreme temperatures. Keep them from spilling and mixing by tightening the caps or placing a piece of foil or nylon over the opening and then placing the cap. Many homeowners also use too much product. Read the usage labels to find out what is the optimal amount, it’s certainly less than you usually use.

Maintain your home daily. Regular cleaning and maintenance will save you a lot of money in the long term. Most stains can be removed with some water and dish soap if you treat them right away. By decluttering and mildly cleaning your home every couple of days, you will avoid using expensive detergents for pre-soaking, scrubbing or special treatments.

Make your own cleaning detergents

There are many ingredients, which can be commonly found around every home and can be used to make great cleaning products, which are both natural and much cheaper than the store options. For instance, white distilled vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaner. You can use it to wipe kitchen surfaces, tile floors, bathrooms and more. The vinegar smell evaporates quickly, and it has strong disinfecting qualities. Baking soda is the perfect gentle abrasive, ideal for scrubbing all kinds of dirt, even inside the oven. It cleans without scratching, and when combined with white vinegar, it creates a powerful foam, which can dissolve everything. Lemons have a natural bleaching ability; they disinfect too and smell better than most common cleaners. By mixing similar natural products, you can clean your home and cut many costs.


Jane Wilson is a full-time working mum, blogger and marketing and social manager of a cleaning company, called Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne. Her work there helps her a lot with her personal interests, which include home improvement and gardening projects, nature-friendly home cleaning and maintenance, and a lot more. In her blog Modern Housewives, she often shares nice cleaning recipes you can try at home, tips on raising kids, interesting events and things to do around Melbourne, and a lot more.