Mums as we know are superheroes in disguise! They are constantly caring for their children and often put their families before themselves. For a lot of mums, not working isn’t an option which can sometimes be challenging to find the right balance between family and work. Founder of We are Wylde Allana Frisken shares her experience as a mum/entrepreneur on finding balance:

“It is hard to have balance as a mum and an entrepreneur. However, I also believe it’s hard to have balance as any kind of mum. It’s hard to get any time to yourself as a stay at home in between cooking, cleaning, feeding, getting up all hours of the night because that’s what’s expected of you if you aren’t getting up and going to work. It’s hard to have balance as a part-time working mum because you are most of the time given more work to do than just those part-time hours you are paid for so you often feel as though you aren’t doing a great job at either your paid job or being a mum. It’s also hard to have balance as a full-time working mum as well, you’ll feel like you are the one who has to take days off when your children are sick and that’s often just assumed by husbands/partners. There may be a few partners out there who just automatically take it in turns or assume it’s their responsibility to have those days off when the kids are sick, but I have a lot of mum-friends and I have never once heard that story.

I think in terms of having true flexibility and being able to work when you want to work and be able to move things around to suit family life (even though you may feel like your to-do list is never-ending), being an entrepreneur is amazing. I value freedom and flexibility very highly and while I do work very hard, I love being able to call the shots and be free for family time when I want.”