It goes without saying that as a Mum, you juggle money constantly to give your kids everything they need to educate them well, keep them healthy and make them happy. But much as you love every moment of that your immersion in their world means you can sometimes lose yourself, sacrifice things that keep you happy and your relationship strong. You don’t always need a lot of money to turn that around mostly you need time.

It would be wonderful to have someone to give you and your partner a little time to breathe, time for a walk, fish and chips at the beach or a Date Night now and then? And how amazing would it be for you and your partner to sneak a wonderful weekend away – just the two of you.

Do you feel like it’s an impossibility? A million miles away? Unattainable?

You can find the money through careful budgeting, scrimping and saving but you can’t do the same with time. It’s the commodity that’s hardest to get your hands on – It can’t be easily earned, saved, invested, or cloned. So how can you find more time?

We know others can donate it to you and if you are lucky, you’ll have family close by who are keen to be there to give you a night out or look after children in school holidays. But more often today grandparents maybe still working or doing their bucket list travelling. You might belong to a babysitting circle but even then, you may want more than your membership allows or have reached your limit.

Where can you find someone to be a backup and give you time for yourself and your partner – someone you trust to care for your children. Have you considered your children’s godmother?

You choose a godmother or godfather because they are a trusted friend to whom you gift a precious relationship with your child. A warm caring adult who is part of their lives, a person they can rely on and talk to and may also be someone to guide their spiritual journey. Someone willing to commit their time and energy to love and spend time with your child. They are of course the ideal person to be there for an evening, a day or even a weekend.

If they have children themselves then they’ll often welcome your child into their family just as you will do for them in due course.

But don’t write off a godmother or godfather who is single, or in a relationship without children or a professional person working and socialising hard. You might be surprised to find that they would welcome time with their godchildren. Your ultra-professional friend may be keen to throw off the high heels and suit to put on some jeans and get down and dirty in the sandpit with your little ones. More than willing to exchange a fancy night at a networking event for an opportunity to play with Lego, read a story and watch a kid’s video before tucking your precious little people into bed.

For them a weekend of wining and dining can be easily outshone by time playing with under 5’s, fast food treats, visits to the beach and sorting out sibling disputes between your little ones – it may be the emotional recharge your godmother or godfather is looking for and the time they spend with children is as valuable and precious to them as the time they give you.

Best of all they come free, gratis and for nothing! Their value in saved babysitting fees is immense – but far more precious and rare to receive is the priceless gift of time.


Chris is passionate about godmothers and the value they are to parents and children. If your children don’t have a godmother yet, find out all about getting one at