Covid confinement has been a challenging and unusual time for people. To socially distance to keep ourselves and our communities safe has asked us to behave in opposing ways to our instincts and needs. Instead of finding comfort and connection in our social networks and workplaces, we’ve found ourselves isolated and in uncomfortable new situations such as unemployment or juggling full-time parenting with full-time work from home. Confinement has brought many mental, physical and financial difficulties and I congratulate everyone on playing their part to significantly reduce coronavirus transmission.

An interesting phenomenon has been brought to my attention by parents who found themselves spending an unprecedented amount of time with their children during confinement: they discovered that their children had a lot of room to improve their table manners and using new social codes of behaviour. That is spending time online and the new way of interacting with teachers and friends.

Due to being at home together for a long time and overburdened with work, parenting and household responsibilities, many parents reported to me that they let table manners slide. Instead of preparing and enjoying meals together, they permitted everyone to make their own meals or graze throughout the day.

I’ve received a flurry of inquiries from worried parents who want their children to gain social confidence once again. I work with the parents to format a tailored program for their children. Generally, parents will guide me as to what they feel their child or children require, and it appears they usually need to be gently reminded to make sure to use their manners, not to forget social norms, and to use their cutlery correctly. Auersmont School of Etiquette offers one-to-one and group etiquette courses for children and teens…  I predict that etiquette classes will remain popular for a long, long time!


Elizabeth Soos is the Owner & Founder of Auersmont School of Etiquette. She has been teaching etiquette in Australia and internationally and runs a school that really ‘starts’ a person for the future rather than finishing school. Her knowledge lies in understanding the how’s and why’s of historical etiquette to it evolving to what it is today and making it practical and realistic.

Elizabeth’s overall goal is to inspire adults, teenagers and children to use etiquette and adapt it when needed. Leading everyone to be the best versions of themselves through etiquette.

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