Couples never get married thinking that they are going to get divorced, but unfortunately, it does happen and when it does, family lawyers are often required to help resolve disputes around property, parenting arrangements or advise on matters of domestic and family violence. The family law system is complex and can be confusing and that is why Carolyn Devries, the CEO of Australia’s first non-profit law firm is passionate about ensuring that there are free resources available to help those who need to know where to start when they are going through one of the most challenging times of their lives.
On December 3rd, a new seven-part podcast series designed to educate people about the family law system will launch as a joint initiative by New Way Lawyers, Australia’s first non-profit law firm which was started by Devries, and the Greater Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network.
Titled ‘Pathways through the System’, the free podcast has been funded by the Attorney General’s Department and provides an alternative and user-friendly way for people to learn about family law, access information and connect with resources.
What to expect from the podcast
Pathways Through a System is hosted by an award-winning lawyer, Carolyn Devries and provides unique dramatized case studies and a high-profile lineup of expert guests from the family services sector, including Judges, counsellors, barristers and mediators.  The podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is experiencing family law issues or who works with people going through separation or divorce.
One episode features Jack Whelan, a Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Barrister and former Chief of Staff to the Commonwealth Attorney General, who explains that “the two biggest questions he sees separating couples ask are: what is fair in our case and how do I navigate the system?’ He shares that ‘this podcast series does a lot to help people answer both these questions to help increase your chances of a fairer and faster outcome.
Carolyn Devries, CEO of New Way Lawyers adds: “The podcast is a timely and valuable tool given the recent merger of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.”
“Individuals and even professionals, who are involved with the new Court are grappling with the changes in the system and seeking accurate information and resources. This podcast meets that need in a creative and meaningful way.
 Where to start if you are going through a separation?
Carolyn Devries launched the first non-profit law firm in Australia, New Way Lawyers, 12-years ago to help people going through a separation or dealing with domestic violence issues. New Way Lawyers understands that seeking legal advice can be expensive which is why they also have an array of tools and resources for people available across their social media channels, website and now, podcast.
New Way Lawyers have also recently launched a free Facebook group called “Lunch With a Lawyer that allows people to ask their family law questions. At lunchtime, every weekday an experienced lawyer will jump on the page and answer the questions for members. The group was born in response to the growing demand for legal assistance with family law, domestic violence and the lack of free and reliable information available online, especially during lockdowns.