Being pregnant is the most beautiful feeling a woman can ever experience. But it can also be very overwhelming, stressful, painful. A woman experiences all sorts of emotions in the 9 months of her pregnancy. It’s not just the physical changes, but there are many hormonal changes within the body.

A woman gains considerable weight during pregnancy, and it can make things uneasy for her. At the same time, it is also important that she should provide the right support to the belly, and the pregnancy support belt plays an important role in this. These are very useful for women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. They are designed to support their belly and back. Many people are not aware of their benefits and how they; sentience in this article, we have tried to answer the question, should you wear a pregnancy support belt?

Let’s First Look At Different Types of Pregnancy Support Belly Bands

Belly Bands
Women wear these to hide the skin exposed as the belly grows over the months. They are also useful to the top part of the pant. She cannot button up or zip up because of the belly. These are available in different sizes, colours, designs and offer mild compression and relieves any pain in the lower back.

Belly Belts
Not as comfortable as belly bands because these are designed to support the belly’s weight so that a woman does not feel the pressure on her lower back. You can wear these pregnancy support belly belts over or underneath your clothing. These are more like straps; hence people call them braces or belts.

Maternity Cradles
They are available as add on with belly belts, or you can purchase their single too. As the name says, a maternity cradle becomes more like a cradle for your belly by covering the entire belly from top to bottom.

Maternity Support Clothing
As the names suggest, these are more pregnancy clothes, like briefs or leggings with supportive bands or belts around the waist. They stretch to accommodate your belly. Some are also made to support your pelvic, lower back and buttocks.

Let’s Look at their Pros and Cons

Potential Advantages

  • Decrease Pain
    Due to the additional weight, a pregnant woman goes through immense pain, especially in her lower back. As she cannot carry out many activities, she experiences pain in her joints and legs too. The belts help relieve the pain from the lower back, pelvic area, hips and legs.
  • Maintains Posture
    The additional weight gain during pregnancy can also impact her posture. It also impacts her while sitting and walking. The weight also causes pain in ligaments and muscles. The belt helps her maintain her balance and keep her posture straight, so there is less pressure on her muscles.
  • Daily Activities
    Doctors advise pregnant women to indulge in some sort of light to medium activities to keep the baby and herself healthy. But the growing belly and its weight can cause hindrances to her daily activities too. The belts provide her with comfort but support the belly to indulge in some yoga or go for a walk.

Potential Disadvantages

  • Prolonged Use
    The belts are made e of a stretchable material like elastics; wearing them for a prolonged period of time becomes uncomfortable. It may cause rashes, itching and accumulation of sweating. This can also decrease the flow of blood in the belly.
  • Cost
    These support belts are expensive because of the material used to make them. Though they provide benefits to a pregnant lady, they can cost you initially. You have to buy additional belts or bands to fit the growing belly. Compare different brands before you purchase and check which fits within your budget and does not compromise quality.
  • Restricts Movements
    Though the belts are made of stretchable material, they are not stretchable enough to move with your body, and you may have to keep adjusting them, which can be very frustrating. These belts have hooks or Velcro to hold them in place, which means you will have to open them every time you want to adjust them.

Although a pregnancy support belt has its set of advantages and disadvantages, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor before using one.