Do you or your children like to travel with your own comfy pillow? Or rather the question should be  “should you and your children be travelling with your own pillow?

It took me years to find a really comfy pillow for my bad back and neck. So whenever I am away for the weekend or on holiday I suffer not having my faithful pillow. It also freaked me out at the thought of how many people had slept on my hotel pillow, yuck!  Nothing beats the comfort of your own pillow, right?

Then I found the SleepKeeper pillow bag. I was not sure if my heavy latex pillow would even roll up but they do! My husband’s pillow has gel on one side too and I thought that may have issues but it appears that every pillow can be rolled up quite easily and put into the travel bag.

My kids take their own pillows to sleepovers, so these are fantastic for them too. The colours are great as well! We have all got a different coloured one so we can easily identify which is which when we take them camping in the summer.

So, whether it is overseas travel, school camps or weekends away, SleepKeeper has created this perfect pillow travel bag. It has been designed to easily and effectively compact your pillow to a third of its original size, keeping it clean, dry and very portable. Slip it onto your luggage or clip it into a backpack.

I learnt that using an unknown pillow has the potential for contact with new bugs and mould, yuck! Kate Jackson, editor of Accom News said  “a hotel that runs at 70% occupancy with guests staying an average 1.4 nights will have around 180 people a year sleeping on a pillow, each imprinting their unique blend of oils and odours.”. If that doesn’t convince you that you should be using your own pillow, then nothing will!

Travelling with your own pillow will create a happier, healthier you!

SleepKeeper is a small online Sydney based business and they deliver worldwide, helping to provide a simple, practical way to travel with your own pillow.

I’ve bought these as presents for lots of my children’s friends and fellow happy campers, they really do make a great present.

Mum CFOS have contacted SleepKeeper and they are offering 10% discount for all our readers. Use code: MUM CFOS.

To order yours head to the website https://sleepkeeper.com.au/ or contact Diane on 0412 425151 if you would like to learn more.