Renovating your home requires a good deal of planning, budgeting, researching, and all the while couples are expected to agree on the important decisions. This can put your relationship to the ultimate test.

Leading renovation & design platform, Houzz surveyed* its AU community on how they design their homes with their partners and tackle home design challenges. More than one-third of Australian homeowners find working on a home project with their partner frustrating (39 per cent), and others said it is difficult and painful (20 and 8 per cent respectively). During their home projects, 4 per cent of couples even considered separating at one point.

Agreeing on products, materials and finishes proved the most common challenge, followed by deciding on style and design (30 and 27 per cent respectively). This lack of trust was also highlighted in a separate Houzz poll*, with 56 per cent of respondents voting that they would not let their partner design their home.

Based on this feedback, here are some tips from the community on how to reduce couple’s conflict during a renovation and enjoy the experience.

Hire a good professional:

Hiring the right professionals can take the stress out of renovating. Nearly half of respondents from the 2018 study voted advice from pros as the most helpful in addressing renovation challenges (47 per cent). Their knowledge and expertise can be comforting and they may be able to offer some insights to any dying questions you have during the renovation process.

Come to an agreement on a budget:

Renovation expert on Houzz, Naomi Findlay, suggests breaking your budget down in the early stages and planning for unexpected costs to avoid blowing your budget. Read more of her tips here.

Think about the bigger picture:

98 per cent of respondents from the 2018 Renovations & Relationships Houzz survey said that the result was worth the experience, so don’t forget to think about what the renovation is for, and how it could improve your lifestyle once completed. Respondents also said that as a result of completing the project, they feel more comfortable, happier, and more organised (77, 65 and 62 per cent, respectively).

*Houzz survey of more than 125 members of the Houzz AU community who have recently completed, are currently working on, or are planning a home project, was fielded March of 2018.

*Houzz poll of more than 148 respondents of the Houzz AU community. Fielding started August 11th, 2017


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