Today, the root cause of the disturbance in personal life is due to work stress. Often people end up mixing their professional life with their personal life.  The consequences one has to face due to stress are unlimited. Sometimes people end up having mental health-related issues as well.

Here are some effective and practical tips to prevent stress from affecting your personal life.

  1. Breathing Techniques

Every time you feel that there is too much stress, start practising breathing techniques. It will calm down your heart rate. It is essential to focus on your breathing while inhaling and exhaling. Also, note how your body reacts to the breathing techniques.

When there is a tense moment, start the diaphragmatic breathing. It will help you to clear your mind and calm down your heart rate. Remember, shallow breathing will starve the body and the brain with oxygen thereby affecting the immune system.

  1. Accept And Move On

There are many moments in life where you feel like giving up but instead of cribbing about it, try to find a solution or perhaps accept it and move on.

The moment you accept the challenges you face, there will be a positive outcome. Besides, it will also help you in becoming a stronger person to face upcoming problems.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is a great way of reducing stress. It will help you out in reducing the stress hormones in the body. However, before working out or carrying out an exercise routine make sure that you are fit and healthy.

  1. Keeping Professional and Personal Separate

Avoid checking personal emails, texts, voicemails and all such things during working hours. Avoid checking social networking sites or discussion forums related to personal questions. Set a time limit for business communications at home. Do not bring problems home. Your primary focus must be on family matters and friends. Leave the office conversation when you enter the home.

  1. Stepping Away For Few Minutes

Whether it is a big project you are working on, or deadlines – either way, it is necessary to step away for a few minutes and give time to yourself. Besides, if you sit in one position for continuous-time, then it can result in back pain. Due to which sit-stand workstations are helpful. When you step away and relax for some time a new perspective can come in and then you start feeling less overwhelmed due to stress.

  1. Get Rid of To-Do List

One thing that is very stressful personally is the to-do list at work. Instead, you should start focusing on the calendar. Remember you are not a robot. Therefore, writing down the things that are not possible to achieve in one day will bring more stress. So get rid of the to-do list. You will feel more relaxed and achieve all workplace objectives.

One of the common problems among the employees you shall notice is stress. In addition, this stress definitely affects personal life. Thus, it can end up creating problems at home.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can avoid the stress affecting your personal life. It won’t happen overnight but gradually you will be able to control the stress taking over your life.


Heather Neves is working as a freelance content writer. She likes blogging on topics related to technology, business strategies, home improvement and health. She graduated with honours from Columbia University with a dual degree in Accountancy and Creative Writing.