We are passionate about engaging young people in music and have seen first-hand the benefits, joy and fulfilment of both the process and the music itself in the lives of our students. Knowing when to get started on this is important as you need to time it right so that the first experience is a positive one. Here are some things to consider when making this decision for your child/ren.

  1. Everyone is different. Some children are ready much earlier than others. Some children are ready for learning at 4yrs old, whereas others might be better to start 6 or 7. You should consider how they go sitting down for 20 minutes or so and focusing and also how well they respond to authority/teachers in other areas, this will help you make an educated guess.
  2. Choose the right instrument. Some instruments are harder than others, especially in the beginning. The piano is our most common starting instrument as it’s easy to see, hold and produces a beautiful sound nearly right away. Compare this to a brass or string instrument that will require some focus put into the technique and sound before getting the same positive outcome.
  3. Have realistic expectations. Everyone learns differently and the expectations of success that we place on our students reflect that. Even just getting into the lessons and enjoying that experience, in the beginning, is valuable as we build positive associations and good times with music, this will lay the foundation for better learning later.
  4. Understand the ages/stages. 4yr-6yr olds will be focused on basic rhythm/pitch, chords, singing all with a focus on discovering the joy of music. 7yr-10yr olds will have greater focus and increased dexterity and will see improvement in the technical and musical. Students 11yrs will, with the right teacher and process will see significantly good outcomes.
  5. Find the right teacher. Find a teacher who is experienced with and knows how to work with young people.

We hope that helps and can we encourage you to get involved and really support the process, a great start in music will lead to a lifetime of joy in our beautiful art form.

Please get in touch if we can be of any help to you at www.stormermusic.com.au.