Work-life balance isn’t a dirty word. Life is too busy. Having a high-powered job and a family puts so much pressure on us mums and it can constantly feel like we are juggling too many priorities. Even though it doesn’t always seem it, there are enough hours in the day, but it may take a bit of adjusting to find them!

Here are some tips to help you reclaim the sanity in your life and manage your time more effectively.

Work Smarter
Work demands are increasing as you climb the ladder. The key is to maintain focus on your KPIs and to work smarter. You can do that by applying the P-CAN principle.

Plan ahead – as your first task of the day, write a list of achievable goals in order of your priorities. Update this list daily.

Calendar – block out times in your calendar to work on specific tasks. This prevents you from getting side-tracked and will help maintain your focus on your key objectives.

Agendas – always have an agenda for every meeting, even if it’s your own personal one. This ensures the meeting will specifically benefit your work and not waste your time.

No – say no to projects that you know won’t help you achieve your KPIs and you don’t have the resources for.

Monitor your time
If you want to track how you are spending your time and manage it more effectively, download Toggle. It’s free and will help you see your current patterns and change them for the better. No more juggling, just a well-balanced life.

The expectation is often there that you will be available to work around the clock because technology has made that physically possible. If you are worried about work, simply check your emails on the hour every hour for a few minutes and then the rest of the time you will feel completely focused on your family. It may help to turn your notifications off and put your phone on silent when you are with your family, or at the very least, during meals and bedtime.

Get support
We can’t do it all, and that’s ok! So why not pay for services that can help with everyday tasks and help get you organised? Your sanity is worth it! Find someone to assist you with all the other tasks that you don’t have time to do like administration, planning parties, managing a home renovation and all the other things on your ‘to do’ list!

My mum went to Bali and all she bought me was this lousy t-shirt
There’s nothing like a holiday to rejuvenate. Time away from your routine to just ‘be’, tuning in to what you feel like doing at that very moment. Make sure you’ve always got at least one holiday booked as something to look forward to. Check your calendar and plan ahead to book even a short weekend away – it will make a world of difference.


Natalie Brownstein, Managing Director
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